fitness music

Fitness Music

Whether you are doing cardio or strength training, listening to fitness music can improve your workout.

Some people like to compile their own playlists from old and current favorites.  This is especially easy to do if you have an ipod or other mp3 player.

Others prefer to buy or download collections of fitness music specifically prepared for different types of workouts.

Here are some suggestions to help you choose the best type of music for your workout:

  • For strength training, choose powerful music that inspires you to put your maximum effort into every movement.
  • Music for walking should start off at a slower pace for your warm-up phase, then increase the tempo to speed up your pace and keep your heart rate up.  It should also include a slower cool down segment at the end.
  • Make sure you have enough music to last for the length of your workout.
  • Have more than one playlist or CD to use for your workouts.  Variety keeps you from getting bored.
  • If you are listening to headphones, keep the volume low enough that you can still be aware of your surroundings.  You also don’t want to damage your hearing while improving your health!

Here is the list for you:

80s and 90s fitness music:

Best Running Music Motivation

Finally : Slow workout music playlist:

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